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Transition from Kibble to Raw Guidelines

It's Simple!

Wait 12 hours between meals, then give them the raw.

- Do not mix the raw with the kibble to introduce slowly.

The reason for this is that there is a difference in the digestive process for raw food verses processed kibble.

- It is recommended that you start by feeding your dog one protein source to start, allowing them to adjust to the raw food, before you start to introduce other proteins.

Puppy (2 months – 1 Year)

5% - 8% of total body weight per day (not per feeding)
Average is 7%.
Adult ( 1 Year – Older)
2.5% of body weight daily (not per feeding) to maintain optimal weight.
2% in order to lose weight
3% in order to increase weight
- Once optimal weight is obtained return to 2.5% daily in order to maintain.

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