Distributors Contacts

Distributor Network

Our Distributors Network will coordinate your order payments and pick-up time and location. 

Your order will contain your selected Distributor details.

Geographic Coverage of Distributor Network

The following are Pick-Up locations for the following Geographies:

Brampton & Caledon: gs.bark4raw@gmail.com

(Gurv Minhas 437-249-6333 / 647-293-9551)

Hamilton: Hamilton.bark4raw@gmail.com

(Kelli & Wes 647-385-5811 / 416-660-9458)

Guelph: sydneyfisher.remax@outlook.com

(Sydney/Dawe 519-827-7022)

Milton: milton.bark4raw@gmail.com

(Poline Mossake 647-914-4754)     

Orangeville: laurie.orangeville.bark4raw@gmail.com

(Laurie Jamieson 519-806-7595)

London: london.bark4raw@gmail.com

(Shamiso 519-878-4RAW(4729))        

Kitchener: laura@fur-everloved.com

(Laura Green 519-573-1493)                             

Maple: maple.bark4raw@gmail.com

(Samuel Ward-Phillip 647-669-3553)

Haldimand-Norfolk: caledonia.bark4raw@gmail.com

(Anita/George 905-630-8450 / 905-630-9395)

Additional Geographic Coverage

We are constantly reviewing our coverage and if you are interested in joining the Distributor Network to service a geographic location not currently being served, please contact guy@bark4raw.com.