About Us

The Founder of BARK4RAW

My name is Guy Mauro, a proud Canadian and resident of Mississauga Ontario.
Father to 3 fantastic young adults and husband to an incredible wife. 
At Bark4Raw our main objective is to provide you peace of mind in your choice of
our products and the healthiest most natural diets for your pets.
With over 25 years of experience in the retail, wholesale, logistic and customer
service sectors combined with certification and active dog training, I am here to
help answer any questions or concerns you may have about our raw dog food diet.

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In Loving Memory of our "Ace"

As a certified dog trainer, I have spent practically my whole life around dogs.  Most
of my knowledge regarding dogs and their behaviour stems from years of
collaboration with dog breeders of all breeds.  Their knowledge and experience
have taught me to better understand the link between appropriate dog behaviour,
mental stability and longevity of life based on nutrition.
We have all heard the phrase “we are what we eat”.  This is also true for your pet. 
Feeding a natural, additive, preservative and chemical free diet is what we should
all strive for, and it is no different for your furry companion.
We source all our products locally.  We insure they are always of the freshest
quality free from additives, preservatives, growth hormones and antibiotics.  Our
products are all processed at government inspected facilities and shipped directly
to us. 
By choosing Bark4Raw you have decided to give your pet the most NATURAL and
balanced diet they require.  Our natural diets will provide your pet with the
essential building blocks of a sound, stable and sharp mind resulting in a healthy
body inside and out for years to come.

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